Joey Gilmore Band (at the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival) April 25, 2:30PM (Pompano Beach Pier)


Well, if you cannot go for the entire Festival, or even your time permits watching only one concert, this is the one to go. Best in class Blues played by a local Florida Bluesman. Actually a Florida Blues Legend!. Don’t even thing twice. This will be a mid-day concert at the beach, with a great food selection all around. Amusement for the entire family for sure.

Joey Gilmore‘s love affair with the guitar began in his teens. “In the town that I lived in, there was a barbershop,” Gilmore reminisces. “And the barber that owned the shop was a sanctified preacher. He was a minister, and he had this little flat-bodied guitar. It was electric, no amplifier to it. And he would bring it to the shop with him, and he was trying to learn how to play. So, I would get to the barbershop early whenever I would go to get my hair cut, or even after school, I would hang around at the barbershop, because I wanted to get my hands on that guitar. I would take the guitar and they had these old wooden benches. I would lay the guitar on top of the wooden bench and when you would strum the strings, the wood, the bench, would vibrate, and the floor would, the sound would resonate, and you could hear it without the amplifier. I learned just from watching him.” Young Gilmore tried to keep his obsession with the instrument from his church going aunt, who was raising him, but word of the talented boy who played at the barbershop eventually got back to her.”

10196_623529371018027_1728243652_nDecades later and established as a Florida legend, Joey Gilmore provides a highlight at Blues Festivals and night clubs all over the world as one of the best soul-blues and R&B singers in the business. Joey Gilmore has shared the stage with Such Greats As James Brown, Etta James, Bobby Bland, Little Milton, Johnny Taylor and numerous others. In January 2006 Joey Gilmore won one of the most distinguished and internationally coveted awards in all of blues. The IBC. Joey Gilmore outscored all artist worldwide while showcasing his amazing talent at a blues industry event. Making him the best unsigned Artist on the planet. In 2008 Joey Gilmore was awarded the Blewzzy award for best song, BLUES ALL OVER YOU.

10013128_830224997035507_7546245224759919746_n               jg6

b. Joshua Gilmore, c. 1947, Ocala, Florida, USA. After teaching himself to play guitar at an early age, Gilmore began performing in public with a small band of like-minded youths. At first, he played and sang in church, his repertoire largely religious music, but gradually incorporated secular music and thus widened his audience although he and his band’s club dates were usually in establishments they were too young to legally enter.

In the 60s, Gilmore moved to the southern end of his home state where he became a popular figure on the local blues scene and was often called upon to accompany visiting musicians. He recorded from the mid-70s, releasing some EPs and there was also a late 80s album but it was not until the early 90s that his recordings began to appear regularly. Gilmore has appeared at numerous blues and/or jazz festivals, including Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Mississippi Valley, Montreux, Riverwalk, Taiwan, and at the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee, where he appeared in 2006 to great acclaim, winning the Best Band division. Among Gilmore’s sidemen in the mid-00s were Regi Oliver (saxophone/keyboard), George Caldwell (bass) and Dave Wooten (drums).

joey%20gilmore                jg2


  Year Album Label
61U0ret7J6L__SS280 1989 So Good to be Bad Pandisc Records
 51Cf+l3cxeL__SL500_SX355_ 1993 Can’t Kill Nothin’ Ichiban
 jg6 1995 Just Call Me Joey Ichiban
 untitled 2006 The Ghosts of Mississippi Meet the Gods of Africa Bluzpik
 joey%20gilmore 2008 Bluesman Emancipation Media
 jg2  2012 Joey Gilmore Henry Stone Music

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